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Q Which of the following are important biotic factors that can affect the structure and organization of biological communities?

A) nutrient availability, soil pH, light intensity     B) precipitation, wind, temperature
C) predation, competition, disease                    D) A and B only
E) A, B, and C

Q You are working for the Environmental Protection Agency considering the effect of a potentially toxic chemical in drinking water. There is as yet no documented scientific evidence against the chemical, but many suspect it to be a health hazard. Using the Precautionary Principle, what would be a reasonable environmental policy?

A) Establish a contingency fund to handle insurance claims in the event that the chemical turns out to produce
negative health effects.
B) Caution individuals to use their own judgment in deciding whether to drink water from a potentially
contaminated area.
C) Set the acceptable levels conservatively low, and keep them there unless future studies show that they can be safely raised.
D) Set the acceptable levels at the highest levels encountered, and keep them there unless future studies
demonstrate negative health effects.
E) Establish no regulations until there are conclusive scientific studies.

Q Species transplants are one way of

A) determining the distribution of a species in a specified area.
B) consolidating a landscape into a single ecosystem.
C) developing mathematical models for distribution and abundance.
D) determining if dispersal is a key factor in limiting distribution.
E) determining the abundance of a species in a specified area.


Q. Which of the following sets of reagents are required for dideoxy chain DNA synthesis in the Sanger technique for DNA sequencing? .

(A) Deoxyribonucleotides, Taq polymerase, DNA primer
(B) Dideoxyribonucleotides, deoxyribonucleotides, template DNA
(C) Dideoxyribonucleotides, DNA primer, reverse transcriptase
(D) Two DNA primers, template DNA, Taq polymerase
(E) mRNA, dideoxynucleotides, reverse transcriptase


Q. In a mixture of the five proteins listed below, which should elute second in size-exclusion (gel filtration) chromatography?
a. cytochrome c Mr = 13,000
b. immunoglobulin G Mr = 145,000
c. ribonuclease A Mr = 13,700
d. RNA polymerase Mr = 450,000
e. serum albumin Mr = 68,500
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Q. Which of the following statements about succession on old lava flows on Miyake-jima Island is correct?
Top of Form
Castanopsis sieboldi is successful because it can fix atmostpheric nitrogen.
Alnus sieboldiana is successful because it is long-lived.
Prunus speciosa is successful when earlier species have enhanced the nitrogen content of the soil.
Machilus thunbergii is successful because it is not susceptible to grazing.


Q. Find correct pair for ionic strengths of (a) a 0.02 molal solution of KCl and a 0.02 molal solution of K2SO4.
1. (a) 0.020 mol Kg-1 (b) 0.020 mol Kg-1
2. (a) 0.020 mol Kg-1 (b) 0.060 mol Kg-1
3. (a) 0.020 mol Kg-1 (b) 0.050 mol Kg-1
4. (a) 0.020 mol Kg-1 (b) 0.030 mol Kg-1

Q. The graph below shows a titration curve of a common biochemical compound. Which of the following statements about the graph is true?
a. The compound has one ionizable function                 b. The compound has three ionizable side chains
c. The maximum buffering capacity of the compound is represented by points A
and B on the graph
d. Point A could represent the range of ionization of an amino function
e. Points A and B represent the respective pKs of á and side chain carboxyl groups

Q . Which of the hemoglobin designations below best describes the relationship of subunits in the quaternary structure of adult hemoglobin?
a. (á1-á2)(â1-â2)          b. á1-á2-á3-á4           c. â-â-â-á            d. (â1-â2-â3-á1)             e. (á1-â1)-(á2-â2)


Q. The following is true of 2px, 2py and 2pz orbitals of a H atom.
1. All are eigen functions of Lz
2. Only 2px and 2pz orbitals are eigen functions of Lz
3. Only 2py orbital is an eigen function of Lz.
4. Only 2pz orbital is an eigen function of Lz

Q.  With the increasing use of DDT, the number  of DDT resistant mosquitoes has increased  to a great extent. In the middle of the present century, their number was insignificant, but now they constitute the major portion of the   mosquito population in India. The type of selection operating in this situation is


  (a) Lainarckian selection     (b) Natural selectiON    (c) Disruptive selectioN       (d) Artificial selection

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Q. In comparing the secondary structure of proteins, which description applies to both the á helix and the â-pleated sheet?
a. All peptide bond components participate in hydrogen bonding          b. N-terminals of chains are together and parallel
c. The structure is composed of two or more segments of polypeptide chain
d. N-terminal and C-terminal ends of chains alternate in an antiparallel manner
e. The chains are almost fully extended

Q. The contributions to the molar entropy by translational (tr), rotational (rot), vibrational (vib) and electronic (ele) degrees of freedom is in order
1. tr > rot > vib > ele
2. rot > vib > tr > ele
3. ele > vib > rot > tr
4. vib > rot > tr > ele

TUESDAY 22-05-2012

Q. A fragment m-RNA that consists of 120 bases that which is arranged to form only 40 amino acids. This property of genetic code is known asPoints : 1
·          Code is discontinuous
·          Non overlapping genetic code
·          Non ambiguous genetic code
·          Universal code
·          None of the above
Q. Which of the following statement is correct ?

(a)  p53 is a dimer    

(b)  p53 plays a key role in cellular responses in cancerous cells

(c)  p53 will activ ate p21 which phosphorylation activates the CDKs

(d)  p53 contain 325 amino-acids       

(e)  all

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Q. Abbreviate ENIAC?
all the above
Electronic numerical integrator & calculator
Electronic number integrator&calculator
Electrical nutrial integretor&calculator
none of the above

Q. The specifications at algorithm are?
all the above
Fixed,entry,exit and infinite
Q. Find correct pair for ionic strengths of (a) a 0.02 molal solution of KCl and a 0.02 molal solution of K2SO4.
1. (a) 0.020 mol Kg-1 (b) 0.020 mol Kg-1
2. (a) 0.020 mol Kg-1 (b) 0.060 mol Kg-1
3. (a) 0.020 mol Kg-1 (b) 0.050 mol Kg-1
4. (a) 0.020 mol Kg-1 (b) 0.030 mol Kg-1
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1            7. Consider the following DNA sequence 5’-ATGGGCATAGACGATATGGTAG-3’. If due to frame shift mutati         on there is insertion of G between 3rd and 4th position. Consider a reverse mutation occur in same           mutated sequence. Which reverse mutation will have minimum effect in protein change
a.                Insertion of nucleotide between 5th & 6th position
b.               Insertion of three nucleotides between 5th & 6th position
c.               Deletion of a nucleotide between 5th & 6th position
d.               Deletion of a nucleotide between 11th & 12th position
6. a1,